Why do they prefer e-Consultor Services ?



The clients have settled down a series of attributes differentiating e-Consultor services from the rest of the competition by which they have based their preference.



Professionalism: (57%) The advising in e-Consultor is based on qualified professionals, with  International accreditation of its experience and formation being the client guarantee of  the services and products with effective actions and efficient results. In all Internet exist a great amount of sites providing products and services of Internet Marketing as companies as well as also act of consultants, nevertheless the client does not count on guarantees that the work will be done profesionally.

Specialty: (32%) The concentration in a specific area of services and products is the second reason of importance. The clients prefer that the provision of services and products come from an organization specialized in a certain area and with wide knowledge of the possible solutions to the diverse actions to face in the Internet world.

Global: (21%) All the Internet marketing companies and consultants that act in Internet cannot have a knowledge of the real world and the cultures of the countries where they had to conduct the marketing battles, best weapons and their greater effectiveness. The clients wish that their advisers have a local knowledge of their market but with a degree of global comprehension that allows their products and services to be commercialized all around the world.



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